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The Source for Bilingual Occupational Dictionaries

Our educational products were developed by WizdomInc president Marjam Karapetian after intensive work with English language learners and include terms that can be most easily understood by laborers from Mexico and Central America.
housekeeping construction agriculture
painter mechanic
  WizdomInc’s occupational dictionaries are a key to communication in the workplace. Each dictionary provides general greetings as well as phrases that relate to hiring and being hired. Each specific occupation also includes lists of verbs, directions, and nouns that include equipment, tools, and materials. These lists are developed specifically for the industries after which they’re named.

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what you can expect from WizdomInc


350 English Verbs with Spanish Infinitives. A useful collection of popular verbs that helps you find the correct word and use the proper tense. We have included a convenient Spanish to English Table of Contents too!