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Letter to Employers & Workers:

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to teach English to a diverse community of adult employees at a factory that manufactured filtration products. I worked there with management to develop a vocabulary list for the employees and then I translated it. The management immediately found that communication with employees improved, that employees had more confidence, and that they were motivated to study and learn English so that they could communicate with management. Employees also become able to communicate more easily with the community at large.

Soon after, I had the opportunity to work in the same capacity at a Hilton Hotel: I developed a vocabulary list for the hospitality industry, created a dictionary out of it, and watched employees become better able to communicate confidently with management and guests.

At another of my workplaces, I was asked by adult English language learners to translate phrases, verbs, terms, and material lists to help them in their specific careers. Farmers, cleaning ladies, car mechanics, cooks, and other workers all came to me for these specific communication needs, and as I provided them with language, they found that they could communicate better with employers, co-workers, and clients, and were able to advance their careers.


WizdomInc’s occupational dictionaries are a key to communication in the workplace. Each dictionary provides general greetings as well as phrases that relate to hiring and being hired. Each specific occupation also includes lists of verbs, directions, and nouns that include equipment, tools, and materials; these lists are developed specifically for the industries after which they’re named. WizdomInc has used terms most easily understood by laborers from Mexico and Central America.

We created these dictionaries in a handy size, convenient for on-the-job use. WizdomInc’s occupational dictionaries are an essential tool for contractors, builders, carpenters, homeowners, and students in training programs. Our goal is that both co-workers and employers will be able to communicate more effectively, making speaking easier and giving people more confidence that they’ll be understood.

I create my educational products because I have loved helping my students and I want all such students to have access to the verbal tools to succeed.

Thank you so much for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marjam Karapetian
President and Author
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