Letter to Educators:

Dear Educator,

I am excited to offer you these Dictionaries and Glossaries that should change the education of English language learners forever.

I created these materials after years of teaching in California classrooms. The dictionaries respond to needs that I saw in my students and among my fellow teachers. Even as I pursued my Masters’ Degree in Bicultural Development, studying the history of English language learning in the United States, I felt the lack of a real link between English language learners and their core subjects.

In my dictionaries, key terms and concepts from English Language Arts, Basic Math, Advanced Algebra, Elementary Science, Advanced Science and American history are defined in English; then those key terms and their definitions are translated into one of seven languages. The words selected for inclusion in the dictionaries correspond to state guidelines for each year of a students’ life. Glossaries share the same content as the Dictionaries, but have no definitions. Used as an accommodation, they are perfect for tests!


An invaluable resource for students, teachers and parents, these dictionaries make content comprehensible. My highest aspiration is to provide English language learners equal access to the curriculum.

Lesson plans and suggested uses for the dictionaries are available upon request, as are in-service days! I am enthusiastic about providing these dictionaries to America’s English language learners. WizdomInc exists to serve their needs and the needs of their parents and teachers.

I absolutely welcome your comments and suggestions. All future editions will be based on the feedback I receive from teachers and administrators throughout America.

Thank you so much for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you.


Marjam Karapetian
President and Author
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