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MarjamAuthor/Educator, Marjam Karapetian has developed Bilingual Content Dictionaries and companion Glossaries based on the needs she identified while teaching her own English Language Learners. Marjam earned her M.A. in Bicultural Development and has a B.A. in Anthropology and English. Her Multi-Subject California credential has enabled her to teach at many developmental levels, including the Gifted, within a variety of culturally diverse schools. She taught in East Los Angeles, to students with a Hispanic heritage, as well as to Armenians, Asians, Russian, Middle Eastern students, East Asians and Pacific Islanders.


Recently, she taught English and Ancient History, as well as English as a Second Language in Northern California to students from different socio-economic groups, and educational backgrounds.

WizdomInc has also worked in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce as part of their English Learning Committee. With Marjam as instructor, they offered on-site ESL classes to employees of local businesses. The program enjoyed great success! The Sonoma County Representative came to speak and give certificates to students who had raised their test scores 40%. This was televised on news programs.

WizdomInc relocated to Los Angeles, California, in the summer of 2010. Marjam has gone to schools around L.A. County, presenting WizdomInc's products to teachers. She is offering to use our dictionaries and glossaries to work with teachers and students in an effort to increase comprehension of core subjects.