NPR Interview Bruce Robinson, of KRCB, National Public Radio, interviewed Marjam Karapetian, President and Author of WizdomInc. The interview can be heard here on our website on the About Us page. Marjam discussed the need for Bilingual Content Dictionaries in core subjects, why they provide equal access to the curriculum, and how our Bilingual Glossaries in the core subjects are raising test scores in 16 states. As a result of using our Glossaries when they take the tests, ESL students score higher on the states’ key measures of academic performance. Many ELLs reached the benchmarks in the federal standards. By focusing on increased comprehension of vocabulary, WizdomInc’s Bilingual Content Dictionaries and Glossaries are making a difference!

WizdomInc on-site WizdomInc’s own CEO, Marjam Karapetian, took part in a pilot program taking ESL into the workplace. Sponsored initially by a school district in Sonoma County, later by the local Chamber of Commerce, the program has been successful. For one year, Marjam taught English to employees at the Hilton Hotel as well as a local factory. The classes were tested using a test Marjam wrote for the Adult ESL program in the school district. Every 9 weeks, students were tested again. Their scores went up! And, they continued to go up. Many students were formerly either illiterate or minimally educated. As a result of the classes, students could communicate in English with the management of the workplace as well as with customers. And, they found a new courage to speak with school officials, teachers, doctors, and other members of the community. What was the magic Marjam employed in teaching? The magic keys to teaching ESL, beyond traditional methods, such as speaking, grammar, writing, reading, are: love and acceptance of the students at their level, for who they are and where they come from, finding out what they need to know, sharing the differences in our languages, teaching verbs (see our Verb Dictionary!), and having fun! WizdomInc plans to expand into other businesses in Sonoma and beyond! Next, classes around the USA; and, later, the world!

WizdomInc on TV! WizdomInc’s ESL classes were written up in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and the La Voz Bilingual newspaper. In October, NBC News anchor, Jessica Aguirre, came to film Marjam teaching the class and interviewed Marjam along with visiting U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey! Students who spoke said the class had taken away their fear of learning, given them confidence, the courage to speak and continue learning. The video appeared on the 6 pm news. Following this, the Spanish media outlet, Telemundo TV, filmed a similar program that appeared on its evening news.

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